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About the Clan

Motto: Aut Pax Aut Bellum (Either peace or war)

Gaelic Name: Clan Guinnich

Badge: Rose Root

Crest: Arm Waving Sword

Scottish Clans have either Pictish, Celtic or Norse origins. The Clan Gunn is Norse in origin, claiming descent from Guinn or Gunni, the second son of Olaf, a chief in Caithness, and is believed to have been formed from him in the 12th Century. Their lands are in the far north of Scotland in Caithness. They fought for and against the Earls of Sutherland the MacKays, and to a lesser extent, the Sinclairs. Their arch enemy however, was the Clan Keith with whom they feuded for 500 years. The peace treaty between the two Clans was only signed as recently as 1978.

Septs of Clan Gunn:

(Surnames associated with this Clan)

Allisterson, Anderson, Corner, Crownar, Crowner, Cruiner, Cruner, Eanrig, Enrick, Galdie, Galley, Gallie, Ganson, Gauldie, Gaunson, George, Georgeson, Henderson, Inrig, Jameson, Jamison, Jamieson, Jamerson, Jimerson, John, Johnson, Kean, Keene, MacAllister, MacChruner, MacComas, MacCorkill, MacCorkle, MacCullie, MacDade, MacDhaidh, MacEnrick, MacGeorge, MacHamish, MacIan, Mackames, Mackeamis, Mackeamish, Mackean, Mackendrick, MacMains, MacManus, MacNeill, MacOmish, MacRob, MacRory, MacSheoras, MacWilliam, Magnus, Magnusson, Main, Mann, Manson, Manus, Maness, More, Neilson, Nelson, Robeson, Robinson, Robison, Robson, Rorieson, Sandison, Swan, Swann, Swanney, Swanson, Thomson, Tomson, Willi, Williamson, Wills, Wilson, Wylie, Wyllie.